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Compatible con centrales 4100U, 4010, 4008



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x  Supervision of each individual appliance’s wiring and
x  Ability to connect using “T” tapping for
Class B/Style 4 circuits to simplify wiring
(Class A/Style 6 circuits require in/out wiring)
x  Harmonically rich output sound suitable for either
coded or steady operation
x  Magnetic test diagnostics to assist checkout and
testing of appliances and wiring
x  Sound level that can be chosen at the controller to be
activated as a “high” output or a “low” output
(~5 dBA difference)
x  Rugged, high impact, flame retardant thermoplastic
housing available in red or white (covers are available
separately to convert color)
UL listed to Standard 464
LED Indicator and magnetic test feature:
x  LED indicator can be selected to display each polling
cycle to indicate appliance supervision
x  When the TrueAlert addressable controller is in
diagnostic mode, the magnetic test pulses the LED to
indicate appliance address and is selectable to also
briefly sound the horn to confirm operation
TrueAlert two-wire addressable control of audible
(and visible notification) provides:
x  Horns sounded as Temporal or March Time pattern, or
continuous, controlled separately from visible
appliances on the same two-wire circuit
x  Addressable March Time rates are 60 or 120 beats per
x  Rear of housing does not extend into box and easily
mounts to single gang, double gang, or 4-inch square
outlet box
x  In/out wiring terminals, 18 AWG to 12 AWG

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